Our goal is to build a community not only that our members can rely and fall back on, but one the Club feels has become a familial bond. A community that bares no obligation other than to relax and be oneself.

We can accomplish this by doing the things we’ve mentioned previously… ENGAGEMENT. When we show up, when we spend the time getting to know one another, everything else falls into place.

We can’t do this without each and every one of you. Life happens, we understand not all levels of commitment are going to be the same, priorities have to be made throughout the season… but if we do this TOGETHER, we know we can build something special for the NC Courage.


As we grow, and to make that happen, we plan to put on events throughout the year. We would like to do this for the Junkyard Dogs and the NC Courage.

For us this could include things such as a dog day at the park, going to the movies, watching the World Cup together… easy things, fun things.

We’d also love to have social meetups to specifically help our game day envirements. Tifo painting, chant brainstorming,
flag making, all that good stuff.

For the Courage we would love to do a Feed the Team. Player of the Match Awards. We’ve got some other ideas as well, and we would love to hear yours, we would of course have to run them by the Club!


As a member of the Junkyard Dogs, you’ll receive free parking for the year. Planning to go to at least three games? That will save you $5. Plus you’ll get our Membership Scarf!

Travelling together may also help offset costs.

charities, fundraisers, & community service


Charities are important to us. As of right now two people run this group and we both know what it’s like to be in need of something. We both have an understanding of limited resources and how lucky we are to have supportive families.

There are far too many families and individuals out there who are not so lucky, and as we grow as a group, we would love to start our own annual events, hopefully involve the Courage, and put the resources all of us have to good use.


As mentioned on our Membership page, every cent goes to your scarves, game day materials, or more goods for all of you! We wanted to be as reasonable as possible with our pricing, we know season tickets, travel, all that adds up. 

In the future we hope to throw some fun parties that would help raise more money for us to do more for all of you. This includes travel as well, we want to make more away games. If we have strong groups of people, all of this is feasible!

community service

Every season the Club signs up for a community service project, we have gotten permission to be a part of that.

We see this as an opportunity not only to give back to the community, but another way to bond with one another and the Courage.

This is also another way for us to show up, show North Carolina the kind of people we are, and to make life long memories.

the off season


Our off season is no different than an athletes, it’s when the work truly begins. This is when we start planning and preparing for the next season. Whatever blips, knocks we took, we learn from them. ONWARD.

local meetups

We don’t want to lose the relationships we’ve built. The rest of the world plays during this time, including some of our players. We will continue to reach out, schedule events, watch parties, anything y’all are up for.


Everything we do is for you and the NC Courage. If there is something we’re missing, something we’ve dropped the ball on, something that needs improvement that we might not catch, please, let us know.